Property Management System

Property management system enables hotels and hotel chains to run business operations more efficiently and effectively. Designed and developed with the latest technology meeting international hospitality standards.

Booking Engine

Booking Engine with a high tech solution offers your guest securely process online reservations from your hotel’s website directly or through the Facebook page.

Global distribution

Channel Manager

Channel Manager helps updating rates and availability of a hotel directly to OTA. Retrieves reservations, making it easy for the hotel to offer its rooms online, avoiding overbooking & rate parity issues.

Rate Shopper

Rate Shopper analyze and keep a constant check on your competitor hotel's rate plans, pricing strategy, dynamic pricing and compare performance insights.

Reviews management

An online hotel reputation management software simplifies hotel review management by collecting & monitoring reviews from all the platforms.

Loyalty Program Software

Loyalty program software helps enhancing the brand value offering the memberships to the guests in discounts or reward points which will increase the repeat guests at your hotel and maintains your earned revenue

Restaurant Management

Restaurant management system(POS) helps to manage every operation of the restaurant and thus making restaurant management a cakewalk for a restaurateur.

Digital Restaurant menu

Digital Menu helps you display the food menu digitally through tablets or iPads. It improves the dining experience with the user-friendly interface which is integrated with POS system.


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eZee Ultimate is the combination of hospitality services and solutions for free charging minimal transaction fees on confirmed hotel bookings.

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Software is very user friendly and easy to navigate.  When we get a booking we immediately get notification in mobile app with detailed and clear information on the guests.

John Doe

Fabulous Software, it made my hotel management easier and hassle free. Support is also up to mark. I'll highly recommend this software.

Rama Krishna

Pleased with their virtual telephony services. It helped to upgrades services and guest satisfaction. Remarkable increase in my business after using their software and services. Overall the experience with Astortech is excellent.




ASTORTECH began its journey with one main goal, to help Hotels by driving more business while providing their guests with a hassle-free travel experience.

We offer a full suite of software enabling hotel owners with complete control of their businesses saving time and money whilst improving guest’s experience. We have partnered with one of the world’s leading hospitality software company eZee through which we are determined to deliver our clients incredible value.

We are constantly striving to empower hoteliers with software products and services to drive more business at a very challenging price.

Having said that, Marketing is a fundamental part of every business, we help to build strategy that lets your audience to know you and services.

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